London Makeup Institute has an exceptional reputation throughout the world for creating artistic perfection. Multi Award winning artist, entrepreneur and youtube guru Uzma Yakoob – founder of LMI says “There are plenty of good make-up artists out there, but not enough great artists. In order to be a great makeup artist, you should be able to create any make-up look on any individual person…that is what make’s you great, and that is what we teach you at LMI!”,

LMI, has set the standard for all makeup training schools with its simple structured courses outlining everything required to teach makeup artistry in great depth. The courses have been carefully designed and structured with the experience, skills, knowledge and techniques that have been developed, created and collated over 18 years from Celebrity make-up artists. At LMI we have put in a lot of time and research to create makeup courses that develop the skills of our artists at a fast pace, we put the time in to make sure they understand what and why they are being taught.

At LMI our method of teaching is very different compared to other academies. We have spent a lot of time and research mastering a structural training programme that helps our students learn and master makeup artistry at a very quick pace. Because we invest so much time and efforts in our students, we hold a very high success rate, and all our students walk away at the end of their training week completely satisfied, delighted and overall very confident.

At LMI, we not only perfect your skills in make-up artistry, we also build your confidence, knowledge and help our students gain understanding of the science and maths behind makeup! Our makeup courses are designed for all levels, whether it be a beginner, enthusiast or professional, we take our students through the paces and bring out the best in them! Our courses are taught by celebrity makeup artists whom can also share their experiences with you and we make sure our classes are small enough to ensure that our students get that much needed one to one attention, if you are holding your makeup brush wrong…we will pick up on it!

We believe that when you invest time and money to do a professional course, you shouldn’t feel like you have to do another or spend any extra money to kick start your career. Our courses are designed in such a way that we not only build confidence in you whilst you learn but also our method of training is so unique that you will pick up on skills & techniques very quickly. We provide the makeup kit and organise the shoot, which is an added cost we take on so you don’t have to.


We take pride in our training and we are confident that our students will not be dissapointed. However if you feel that you havent learnt enough, we will be more then happy to have you back in the next course.


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