Award Winning Students

At London Make-up Institute, where we create amazing artists for Sculpt Beauty, we welcome a students from all corners of the world and teach them cutting edge techniques and skills bringing their knowledge to a very high professional level. We believe in pushing our students to create perfection and work with them in a pressurised environment so they can hack the demands and standards of this ever evolving fast paced industry. “

“It gives me great pleasure when my students do well, and push themselves to reach new milestones. The make-up game will always forever evolve and in order to stay on top you need to work hard and stay focused. I can teach you everything you need to know and give you advice but if you don’t put it in to practice then you’ll never achieve what you can. I am very excited to announce that not one but three of my international students have won Best Make-up artists over the last few months in their cities. I am very proud of you girls, it just goes to show what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. All these students came to LMI with some knowledge but needed to desperately update their skills and technique to an international level and to meet the advanced level of artistry in todays industry. They recognised what was required and had a vision of what they wanted to achieve. I want to say Well Done from myself and the whole Sculpt Beauty & @londonmakeupinstitute team. We are very very proud of you!”
Uzma Yakoob – Founder, Educator & Make-up Expert Sculpt Beauty Companies

Sridevi Ramesh : Makeup Artistry Icon Award 2016 Honoured by RCC Chennai & Emerging Make-up Artist of the year Award

RAMP by Anukriti Manukriti (Anukriti & Manukriti) : Awarded by Sushmita Sen for Most Promising Hair and Make-up Artist.