Samantha Turford 2015

For ages I looked around for the perfect make up course for me, I’m so glad I picked Sculpt Beauty Intensive 5 day course! I had no previous make up experience and now I have the ability and confidence to go out there and provide a service. Uzma is a brilliant teacher, not only does she teach you the techniques, she goes into depth and explains why you are doing it. Uzma also gives you tips and advice from what she has learnt from her past experiences (some of these tips are really helpful) The Smoke and Rouge products are brilliant to work with and you can create some flawless looks! I never in a million years thought I’d be able to achieve what I did in 5 days! So excited about my future career and where this can take me. Thank you Uzma

Dalit Sahota, London

I thoroughly enjoyed my course at London Makeup Institute, the whole experience with them was professional yet set in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I was taught my Uzma herself. She really took the time to understand each students needs and although there were varying levels of experience and skill in my class, each students needs were catered to. I had some prior experience but still walked away with a range of new skills and knowledge and really felt as though Uzma pushed my skills to their limits to ensure I go the best experience from my course. I would thoroughly recommend London Makeup Institute to anyone looking to train as a professional artist.

Ella Whitlock, London

“I’ve learnt so much this week and had the best time. My confidence has grown so much and I feel excited to start my career in make-up. With Uzma’s help, my skills have developed and LMI really is the best place to learn. It has been the most tiring, busy week but the excitement and buzz at the school makes every day so fun. I’m really going to miss LMI and everyone I have met but I can’t wait to go out and start being a make-up artist!”

Sabiha Nazir, Kingston

“Thank you so much Sculpt Beauty (London Make-up Institute). I have learnt so much in the past week! You have not only been supportive but also given me the confidence to start my own business. I definately made the right choice by choosing the London Make-up Institute. Thank you again.”

Rohini Rudki, Buckinghamshire

“An amazing experience and I feel inspired and motivated to take this onwards into a side line career. Uzma makes make-up into an art form. Thank you for all of your support this week”

Farzana Choudhury, UK

” This was a truly amazing course & I thoroughly enjoyed it .The tutors were friendly, respectful & communicated well & had a great teaching style. It was easy to follow & understand every step taught !  I would highly recommend  sculpt beauty to any one who is interested to take part in this field !!!

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Binder Bhatti, London

“ I am a busy working mum with 3 children, iv always had a passion for Hair and Makeup. I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have found a profession that I adore. After  attending 5 days Intense Course at Sculpt Beauty, here I come as a qualified MUA.  I am very confident to lift my clients spirits by bringing out their best features and  making them feel good in themselves”

Raruca Petronela Apetrei, London

“ I’m very pleased and proud of my experience with Sclupt Beauty Academy and i’ll recommend this courses to everybody, i had learned to be a profesional and i improved my makeup skills. Sculpt Beauty Academy has excellent management skills and a profesional personnel. I had the best week ever!!”

Ganya Watkins, London 

“ Before starting the course I was thinking how much could I learn in 5 days would I be confident enough after leaving and the answer is yes I felt like I learnt so much. Everyone was so supportive and especially on our photoshoot day they helped and pushed you when needed! And I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone ! 🙂 ”

Hanan Khalil, London

“Never have I learnt so much in such little time. Before enrolling into the course I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure how much anyone could learn in 5 days. However, all that I experienced within those 5 days broadened my insight on makeup to more than what I knew. We covered so many looks and processes in detail. It has really been a turning point for me as I look to progress my career as a makeup artist.”

Amna Sahib, Epsom 

“Being trained by the Sculpt Beauty team and Uzma has been a truly valuable and immensely enjoyable experience! Uzma is not only a really lovely person but is such a positive, committed and dedicated teacher and mentor! There are so many different training courses available out there however like all education if you want the best degree/result you go to the best school,university, academy or institution and in the case of make up – sculpt beauty is without a shadow of the doubt the best institute if you want to become a professional artist! I can boldly say that because the teaching methods are so well thought and structured in order to maximise the knowledge gained by students. The class sizes are kept small too, which meant that not only were we all given focussed attention but the atmosphere throughout the course was perfectly balanced between relaxed, friendly yet still professional. The team are like a family so the warmth of that is felt throughout! All this is on top of the skills, bases and techniques which are taught at such an expert level! That being said the most valuable asset which has been given to me by the course is the level of confidence I have gained!! Sculpt Beauty let you walk out (reluctantly as we all loved the course so much!!) at the end of the week with more than we could’ve expected to gain and continue to support your career even after the course ends via their agency!  I want to really thank Uzma and Anum for their support, encouragement and for teaching and giving me the skills and confidence to go out and follow my passion for make up artistry! Best decision I’ve made!”

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Nileema Sultana, London 

“Before starting my course with Sculpt Beauty, I was worried that I would not be able to learn much in just 5 days, but I can honestly say, although it was an intense week,I have learnt so much in such a short space of time whilst also enjoying myself. The teaching was great and the teachers were really helpful and always open for questions, especially because I know they are still offering support and help even after my course has ended. I now feel that I can go into the industry and excel with the confidence I have gained within this week. I will definitely be recommending Sculpt Beauty to my family and friends.”

Sadia Mirza, Manchester 

“Before I started the course I was really nervous and didn’t know whether I’d enjoy the course due to my health issues. I was very fortunate that the course took place in London and not outside of the UK. Lol. But on my first day I told Anum my situation and she comforted me and supported me throughout. The course didn’t only teach me how to apply make up professionally but it also taught me the confidence and professionalism I need to carry when I work which was perfect. Definitely recommended. Uzma helped a lot on the shoot day where I all most lost hope but she pushed me to the best of my ability. I’m really happy with the results and the outcome of it. It was worth the money. Everything was taught to a professional standard and the team was really supportive and I don’t think you can find a team so supportive, chilled, relaxed and amazing anywhere else. Everything was taught step by step and would be repeated if necessary which is crucial as I know people don’t do that in many places. It’s been a successful journey and was very beneficial. I’m so glad I joined sculpt beauty. I couldn’t thank Sculpt Beauty enough words aren’t enough to express it. The course overall was outstanding and I loved it beyond words.”

Devika Patel, London 

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the whole course. Initially, I took the short 2 day course and decided I loved it so much I went on to complete the full 5 days. Both Anum and Uzma are dedicated teachers with patience and tenacity to ensure you are pushed to your limits. They spent time to ensure I perfected each brush stroke and taught me to maintain the same perfection every time I applied make up. I found them extremely supportive and would recommend the classes to anyone!”

Ashley Green, Dubai 

“I completely enjoyed my training at Sculpt Beauty. The relaxed atmosphere put my initial nerves at ease and within hours I was fully  immersed in learning my new skills. Uzma’s teaching style brought me from complete beginner to professional make up artist at the end of the course and I am excited to see what I can do in the future with my new found skills and confidence. The amazing kit given to me at the beginning of the course has provided me with everything I need to hit the ground running in the make up industry and I would recommend Sculpt Beauty products and training to everyone. Thanks Uzma!”

Shazia Bi, London

“I began my course with Sculpt beauty as I believed that this would help me in carrying out professional make up for brides and artists.  As I am studying an Nvq programme on beauty treatments this course has complemented my practical experience. I have used the skills learnt of shading, highlighting and blending to archive great results on a regular basis ever since .   Uzma and her team did a fantastic job in working with customers and consistently exceeded customer expectations.  This programme really allows you to learn the skills needed to carry out professional make up.  I would recommend this programme to all make up artists as i have learnt a lot of skills.”

Kim Blair, Ireland

“My time at Sculpt Beauty has given me a skillset that is a cut above the rest, and confidence that I never thought I had, all backed up with a worldwide BABTAC accredited certificate. I couldn’t have been taught by a more dedicated team of tutors, and I thank them for all their hard work in the beginning of my journey as a professional makeup artist.”

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Shabnam Fard, Hertfordshire

” I have always had an interest in make up and always wanted to be a MUA. I found that Sculpt Beauty offered me the best training possible. In 5 days not only did I learn advanced techniques but also found the confidence to actually go out and start working immediately.  Thank you to Uzma and the great team behind her for making my dream possible”

Satvir Bhullar, Northamptonshire

“ I have always had a passion for make-up and I was ready to take my skills to a professional level. I had researched many make-up  academies and schools and Sculpt Beauty/LMI was at the top of the list every time. The method of teaching is unique, that by the end of the 5 days I was confident to go out into the industry as a  professional and highly skilled make-up artist.”

Shazia Rafat, Midlands

“Signing up with Sculpt Beauty has been one of the best decisions i have ever made for myself. It’s been such an honor learning under Uzma who was an amazing mentor & not only did she teach the tricks of the trade but covered all the bases including Client relationships, being a good listener, etc. In other words, nothing was left  out !! I have enjoyed makeup for as far as i remember but watching peoples faces light up when they see themselves after the makeover is a joy beyond words. And i owe it all to Sculpt Beauty ! It was the best 5 days – Thank you Uzma, you’ve been AMAZING !”

Kiran Sehmby, Wolverhampton

“Re-training with Sculpt Beauty increased my confidence in makeup application and inspired me to use my creativity. This course helped me gain further understanding of various application techniques with insider tips and tricks taught by Uzma Yakoob herself. She is a true inspiration in the beauty industry. I now have the confidence to develop creative makeup concepts and work within a fast-paced environment. The skills and techniques I learnt from Uzma have transformed me into the makeup artist I have always wanted to be. Thank you Sculpt Beauty for an excellent course!”

Malka Karim, London

“Sculpt Beauty ticked all the boxes for me. As well as having over a decade of experience in the industry I was taught not only what I  beleive to be the best skills in the industry but every thing around it in on order to build my business and profesion as a MUA.  Sculpt Beauty / LMI built my confidence, I learnt so much in just 5 days and I can’t beleive the work I have created!   We had a great team on hand, Uzma was fab and we learnt in their amazing studio! It was brilliant, thank you.”

Eleni Kyriakou, London

“The course was a fabulous way of learning about make up in detail.  The team that was put together to run the course was fun, professional and easy to work with.  I found that the environment was very welcoming to people that were new to make-up and those that have had some experience before.  The course was mostly practical and only partly theoretical, which is great for people who prefer to work hands on.  The training is delivered in a way that was easy to   understand for everyone, Uzma Yakoob who is the person that delivers the training, she is very approachable and any questions small or big she took the time to explain them making you feel that you are being listened to.  With this course you will gain a detailed knowledge of make-up in an enthusiastic and passionate way.  The course had such and impact on me and gave me exactly what I needed that I could do this every day.  It was inspirational.

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Haleema Naweeg, Birmingham

“What an amazing experience! I’m a professional makeup artist at the age of 17, thanks to sculpt beauty and Uzma Yakoob! Sculpt beauty became home after day one and a comfortable environment to train in. The intensive course was taught in a way which suited me best and it became clear within the first few hours of the course that sculpt beauty was the right choice. I enjoyed every minute of it, from having a friendly chat with Uzma and the Sculpt beauty team, to learning all the tips and tricks to become a professional from the best of artists. Uzma promises that you will walk away from the course feeling like a confident makeup artist, and she fulfils that promise. Thank you for being so supportive!  Sculpt beauty – A makeup academy highly recommended”

Anum Talib, London

“Loved every aspect from start to finish. Uzma is a dedicated teacher, fun and genuinely cares about us as individuals, pushes us forward in whatever  direction we choose to be successful.”

Elle Hardy, London

“Re-training with Sculpt Beauty increased my confidence in makeup application and inspired me to use my creativity. This course helped me gain further understanding of various application techniques with insider tips and tricks taught by Uzma Yakoob herself. She is a true inspiration in the beauty industry. I now have the confidence to develop creative makeup concepts and work within a fast-paced environment. The skills and techniques I learnt from Uzma have transformed me into the makeup artist I have always wanted to be. Thank you Sculpt Beauty for an excellent course!”

Zubia Khan, London

“Training at Sculpt Beauty was an awesome experience. Learning the makeup techniques taught throughout the course have given me so much confidence within myself that i didnt know i’d have today. Uzma Yakoob is a lovely  inspirational mentor, teacher and individual, she has inspired me to become more creative not only with makeup and hair styling but for a professional  photo-shoot too. Uzma has truly brought out the artist in me. Thank you Uzma x ”

Olli Huq, Newcastle

“First and foremost, I would like to say that it has been an absolutely amazing experience working with the Sculpt Beauty crew, especially with Uzma Yakoob. I have personally used Uzma for my special day and when presented with an opportunity to be mentored by her I naturally committed myself to the course. It has been an honour working with Uzma, as she has given me such great knowledge in the makeup artist industry. Makeup is another form of art and I have always had a  passion for this type of artistry, expressing my love and creative interest through makeup. The course has instilled me with a confidence I would not get anywhere else and the professionalism shown by Sculpt Beauty is unrivalled.”


Liz McCarthy, Australia

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Liz McCarthy, Australia

“Sculpt Beauty was the most important course I did to date in order to make my impact on the make up artistry industry!! Not only did I learn the hints and tips of a celebrity makeup artist, I also learned how to deal with client professionally and the biggest thing CONFIDENCE!! Thank you everyone at Sculpt Beauty”

Saajidah Ishmail, Leciester

“Sculpt Beauty – it really is training with the best! It was an impressive and amazing experience, picking up on all the techniques, tips and tricks. Uzma is awesome, both as a person and as a teacher too! She taught me to  professional standards also boosting my confidence in working in the makeup industry. Thank you Sculpt Beauty! ”

Maha Morley-Kirk, Lebanon

“ Sculpt Beauty has changed my approach to ‘I CAN DO THIS!’  Learning the tricks and adapting my style to suit anyone,. I’m glad that I have been trained by the best in the industry, It was such an amazing experience to style, create looks and work alongside a professional team which brought out the best in me. What a wonderful start to my dream career! ”

Zobia Khatana, London

Choosing a makeup training academy can be a daunting and exhausting task. There are so many make up academies offering you different things and the training itself can be expensive, therefore I decided to research them all thoroughly before applying to them. With an open mind I contacted several academies that caught my eye. Some got back to me and others didn’t even bother! Once I got down to the final few academies that interested me, I sent them an e-mail asking any possible questions (literally every question possible!) I could possibly think of, there was a very long list! However the fantastic admin team, Sam and Zak got back to me and answered any questions I had. I then ended up calling to speak to Sam but ended up having a 40 minute long conversation with Uzma herself! Uzma was just lovely on the phone and I was surprised that I was actually able to speak to her. What helped me make my decision was that at no point did Uzma say come to my academy or say anything negative about any other academies. She simply discussed what was involved in Sculpt Beauty’s academy and said ‘you know when you will find something that is right for you, you will just know’. I booked into the course straight away after speaking to Uzma.   The course itself is an intense, intense, intense 5 days course! We had a really lovely, experienced and generally an all-round nice teacher, Anum. The key benefits I would say are: Classes kept small – What I loved about the course were classes were kept to a small number of 4. This allowed Anum to tailor and pace her class around us. It’s also made it more fun as a group we all were much closer. Makeup Kit – Sculpt beauty provides you with a kit to start of your makeup artist career. This is really handy to start you off with. I personally loved the 120 high pigmented pro palette. Make up agency – this was one of the biggest reason that I decided to go with Sculpt Beauty. Sculpt Beauty have their own make up agency to support you with your career. Therefore you are not left completely on your own after the course. I look forward to receiving my first job with them! Uzma Yakoob – I don’t think there will be many training academies that will have the owner watch over you like Uzma did. Uzma was always there during the course despite not teaching us. She overlooked the whole final day photo shoot and personally helped me throughout the course. Uzma even dropped things to come to see us during her day off to help us as a group. Even though the course has finished, I am still in touch with her 🙂  The course personally for me was great. I enjoyed my experience, made friends with people and also have the backing of a reputable training academy. You will not walk out with exceptionally great talents after a 5 day course, you have to be realistic. However I will say you will learn the relevant skills and knowledge to start you off as becoming a makeup artist as long as it is practiced.   I’m happy with the course and would like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to Uzma and Anum for being so encouraging of my work and motivating me throughout the course and then the admin team Sam and Zak for being so great!

Najaf Malik, London

“I did the pro makeup artist 5 day masterclass I must say it was an intense course. I did enjoy the 5 days and I feel I have learnt some new techniques. I was very pleased with my overall result and am excited to enjoy my career as a makeup artist and put everything I’ve learnt into practice. ”

Iqra Khan 

“I have always had a strong passion for makeup and Training with sculpt beauty has truly given me the best knowledge of makeup in depth. I didn’t think I could learn so much in little time but sculpt beauty’s teaching methods are very unique , thorough & easy to understand. Not only did they teach the application of makeup but also the importance of hygiene care and all skin diseases. I left  feeling satisfied and confident with all the new skills and techniques I’d  learnt to help me start a career as a make-up artist!”

Sabrina Mall, Wolverhampton

‘My interest in makeup began as a young girl experimenting with different brands, colours and products. I finally decided to pluck up the courage to learn make up artistry as a craft and came across Sculpt Beauty. The 5 Day Sculpt Beauty course I attended has equipped me with the fundamental skills required to create unique makeup looks for each individual taking into account their requirements. Not only this, the programme has taught me that make up artistry is about creativity and being patient to get the desired result.’