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Founder of LMI, Uzma Yakoob discusses how to choose the right makeup course  

Make up artistry is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the beauty sector and more and more potential ‘Makeup Artists’ are searching the right make up courses to boost their career paths with the right skills, techniques and knowledge. Whether you are a fan of perfect Make up artistry of Nikki glow up or the amazing Caroline Barnes, we have got you covered. Uzma Yakoob, Multi Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of LMI discusses how to choose the best courses for Makeup Artist.

Makeup Courses near me

Finding the right makeup course can be overwhelming, there are so many out there, so to start with its a good idea to see what local academies are offering. A good makeup artist course can be 5 days to a couple of months, so you will either need to commute or stay locally in order to attend your classes. This must be factored in when choosing a course. Though Makeup artistry courses are enjoyable, the amount of practical and theory you will go through can be very tiring, the last thing you want to add to that is your long daily commute. However sometimes, you can’t find a decent makeup course institute near you, which is often the case. The quality of what you are learning should never be compromised, you rather travel further out and find accommodation near by, then attend a mediocre makeup artistry course. There is no question that the best make up artist courses are often offered in a London academy as this is one of the main hubs of fashion according to the fashionmonitor.

Which Makeup Artist Course?

This is where is really gets confusing as the Makeup course market is so saturated. My first piece of advice is not just to focus on social media when choosing the right course, as it can be deceiving. I have many stories how students had very high expectation of certain makeup schools but were very disappointed after enrolling. You must do research out of this and a great place to start is by making a list of what you want out of the course. Is it a certificate or a makeup kit, support after you have completed? As the founder of LMI, the first bit of advice I must give you is – an ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE (by a governing beauty body) is important. Many beauty influencers and Makeup Artists may beg to differ however having a qualification in your profession is very important as you learn things you wouldn’t think are important in this industry like the correct health and safety, hygiene and professionalism and ethics – its like having that blue tick next to your name on social media – you are verified! Most good Makeup schools, will offer you a great package with everything you need included – like London Makeup Institute, we have created the perfect make up artist courses with everything you require as a new artist.

Online Makeup course?

Are online courses any good? Well this depends entirely on you. What type of learner are you? There are many people who can learn a great deal by watching videos and following instruction online, where as some people find it difficult and get easily bored. Personally I think there are a lot of online makeup courses that aren’t that great, but some which can be good for basic knowledge. You can find a great deal on YouTube for free nowadays which is great for practice however most of these makeup bloggers are not accredited artists, so therefore might not be teaching you the correct practices. This is how bad habits are formed – like the selotape on the eye trick to create winged liner – this is very bad long term for your clients. A good online makeup course, is still structured in the same way and offers the same amount of practical makeup artistry. You work should be monitored and checked by a tutor and you should be offered advice and given notes based on your performance. In order to get an Accreditation that is recognised when completing an online makeup artist course, you must be present for at least one day, so the makeup artist teacher can check your work and make sure you are applying your makeup artistry the correct way. If you can not physically be there, the online review must be one to one. These guidelines are usually laid out by the Accreditation body and NOT the makeup artist school. London Makeup Institute are currently developing our own online courses which will be Accredited and offer the right type of support you require. We recognise that the demand for online makeup courses are rising, and there are not many decent makeup artist courses that deliver the right training.

Makeup artist courses should include…

To summarise, these are some of the points you should consider when booking a makeup artist course. I will talk about these in more detail in other posts.

ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE: As I mentioned before, an Accredited certificate is by the a governing body – not the school or person you are learning from. LMI certificates are Accredited by BABTAC.

PRICE: There are so many courses to choose from, however when something is priced the least, it usually is too good to be true. A good makeup artist course will most probably be from a private institute and cost from £1000 – £4000 depending on the length of the make up artist course. These courses should also come with a makeup kit, photoshoot and everything you require to start off your career path. London Makeup Institute offer all these things in our makeup artistry courses. Cheaper courses held in local colleges are not always good for professional makeup artistry, they are okay to gain starter knowledge for a beginner. Nowadays most big institutes offer payment plans or finance.

MAKE UP ARTIST COURSE KIT : All good colleges will include a makeup kit in courses which should include a set of brushes as a standard.

PHOTOSHOOT : You will need pictures – loads of pictures of your work, and if the course you are doing includes this in the price, then you are on a win win! LMI offer this on all our makeup artist courses.

PRO DISCOUNT : One of the perks of having an accredited makeup artist qualification is you can apply for pro makeup artist discounts with big makeup brands. At London Makeup Institute we assist you to get all the pro discounts you need and also invite you to join us in master classes with all the big brands including MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS and Bobbi Brown.

AFTERCARE: You can feel completely alienated after spending week(s) doing a makeup artist course then suddenly you find you are on your own. Some places offer support and advice once you have completed your training.

Uzma Yakoob

For all makeup artist courses, please contact the London Makeup Institute team on info@londonmakeupinstitute.com / 0044(0)207 9939023