We completely understand that in order to learn make-up you need to physically be able to interact with your tutor, and though we do recommend that a classroom or physical course is one of the best ways of learning make-up, we also appreciate sometimes it can be impossible for one to take time out of their schedule to make that commitment OR they may be located in a different country so it is physically impossible for them. We have created an online course that will blow you away. Our courses are LIVE and not pre-recorded, you will have full interaction with your tutor. If your too busy to attend, we will send you the recording and you can watch and learn at your own leisure. You will also receive full support and classroom time with your TA.
Unlike many other online courses on the market, our sessions are NOT pre-recorded. Once you have enrolled into your course, you will receive login details, so you can attend your online class weekly. Each week you will have two classes, a very detailed, in depth session with your lecturer and also a TA session later on in the week. The reason we have structured our classes this way is because we want our students to receive the very best support and assistance when and where required. Any questions you have with regards to your assignments you can ask in your TA session and any questions you have with regards to the make-up presentation, you can ask in your main session.
We can appreciate that many of our online students are either in full time jobs or have busy schedules and can’t commit to attending classes at specific times. In order to help you, we will email class recordings to you at the end of each class. This way you can watch the sessions later so you are always up to date with your course. This also helps for those who would like to re-watch the class the familiarise themselves. You will also continue to receive support outside classroom times, so if you can’t make any of the sessions you will still be able to complete your course with assistance,
Attend Sessions
Enroll in one of our makeup training courses. We’ll ship you your course materials free of charge. Login and attend your weekly classes & TA sessions.
Submit your Assessments
Complete loads of fun and practical assignments. Then, upload your work to our Online Student Center where your tutor will have immediate access to your work.
Accredited Certificate
After you’ve successfully completed the entire course you’ll receive your certificate of completion and professional designation.

We understand that choosing a make-up institute for a make-up course can not only be confusing but also quite a stressful task. Here are just some reasons why our students prefer to do a course with us, and why we have an impeccable reputation.

  • Accredited Certificate – Recognised Worldwide
  • LIVE detailed, in depth classroom sessions
  • Extra TA sessions weekly
  • LIVE Question & Answers
  • Interactive sessions
  • Extra support & guidance
  • Complimentary membership to Agency
  • Pro Club Benefits


LIVE in detailed classes

Our classes are NOT pre recorded, we teach you LIVE with detailed step by step presentations, making sure you are learning every step of the way.


Got questions? Every session will have Q&A time, so though you are learning on line, it’s just as good as you being in class!


Unlike other online courses, our certificates are Accredited. Your qualification will be recognised worldwide, therefore will open many doors for you as an artist.

Exclusive Pro Club

We invite all our graduates to be part of exclusive PRO Club. Members will be receive many benefits including discounts for major make-up brands.


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Pro Make-up Artist Certificate
Next Course: 17/01/2017
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Expert Makeup Certificate
Next Course: 18/01/2017
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Total Pro Makeup Certificate

  • 6 Week Course
  • Pro Makeup Certificate
  • Theory & Hygiene
  • Accreditation
  • Pro Club Membership
  • Beginners Welcome

Total PRO Expert Certificate

  • 6Week Course
  • Expert Pro Certificate
  • Theory & Hygiene
  • Accreditation
  • Pro Club Membership
  • Beginners Welcome

Bridal Pro Makeup Certificate

  • 6 Week Course
  • Pro Makeup Certificate
  • Theory & Hygiene
  • Accreditation
  • Pro Club Membership
  • Beginners Welcome

Photoshoots & Kits

You will have an option of adding a photoshoot session to your course when booking for £200.

Being a make-up artist can be a fulfilling and lucrative career. However, getting started in this field can be tough because many clients will want to see your work before they’re willing to hire you. Building a portfolio of your work is the first step to getting higher-paying jobs and becoming a successful makeup artist.

At  London Make-up Academy, in most our courses we provide you with a photo shoot to kick start your career. If a shoot is not included with your course, we can offer this to you at a reasonable price just covering our costs. As long as you have trained with us, this service is there for you to help elevate your career.

During the shoot day, you will learn how to work with professional models and photographers, learn to choreograph, work under pressure and organise a shoot, and also how to style. This is a very important part of the course as it will probably be the first time you get a real feel to how it feels to work as a make up artist and what is expected of you.


Make-up Kit
You will have an option of adding our Make-up kit to your cart at the time of booking your course for £100. If you have your own kit, you are also able to use this.

As a LMI student, we provide you kits in some of the courses we have on offer. As a Make-up Artists it is important that you use the right make-up to practice. We ensure that you use the right formulations. As a trainee we understand that buying your kit can be quite expensive so we you will receive a full make-up artist’s professional make-up kit! We believe that becoming a make-up artist can become very expensive, so we take a large portion of this expense away from you and set you up as a professional! You won’t need to buy anything else! Students also receive 15% off on all our professional make-up.

Make-up Artists KIT

  • Sculpt Beauty Artists Palette (180 colours)
  • Sculpt BeautyDiva Palette (15 colours)
  • Sculpt Beauty Gel Eyeliner – Carbon Black
  • Sculpt Beauty Flawless Finish Quad Concealer – Dark
  • Sculpt Beauty Flawless Finish Quad Concealer – Light
  • Sculpt Beauty Flawless Finish Prep & Prime
  • Sculpt Beauty Pretty in Pink 23 Piece Brush Set

*Kits may vary depending on course and availability