If you want to start a career as a Make-up artist, whom better to learn from then a Celebrity make-up artist? Uzma Yakoob, founder of Award Winning Sculpt Beauty, YouTube personality and BBC’s Apprentice candidate is not only an industry professional but also a celebrity herself! Being very passionate about make-up as well as an expert in teaching and manufacturing make-up, Uzma set out to put together a training academy that really cares about the future of her students. We give you quality training that ensure that our make-up artists have been taught to a high standard, and we make sure that we are here for you every step of the way. Uzma has put together a team of highly trained make-up artists to teach courses whom have a wide range of celebrity clientele and worked with highly sought companies, so they can also deliver inomparable training that will help make our students the best they can ever be.