Is it worth doing a Makeup Course?


Are courses for makeup artists worth doing?

I hear this question all the time. Some successful bloggers/vloggers may say no to make up artist courses, as they have built a platform for themselves on social media as a makeup artist or expert – probably without any makeup artist course training at all and they are self taught. There is nothing wrong with this, however the problems will occur when you want to turn your Makeup Artistry obsession into a career. In or to be a professional Makeup Artist, you will need to be insured before working on clients and getting paid to work. You will need to get makeup artist liability insurance which you can only get if you have the proper legal documents to prove you are Accredited. This accreditation will need to be by a proper established known governing body – NOT an independent college or institute. You will also want to apply for a Pro Make up artistry discount card which in most bigger brands, you can only apply for with a recognised certification. You see an accredited certificate governed by a beauty body IS actually very important if you want to pursue a career in Makeup Artistry. But not all courses are Accredited by a governing body so this is where it gets confusing. There are many of many academies, which say they are Accredited – but will not state by whom. It can be just their own name on the certificate – which may be great for you however will not serve the purpose of an accredited certificate. This is why Celebrity Masterclasses – these are ONLY good for extra knowledge – not necessarily for a Makeup qualification

Makeup Artistry Courses

As I mentioned in previous posts, research is very important before committing to a Makeup artist course. You need to make sure you are getting the right value for your money and also make sure you are provided with what you need to start your career in makeup. A qualification that is recognised should be on top of your list. Makeup Artistry now is so vast, but you do not need to do a year course in order to be Accredited and also to become professional. Of course with practise comes expertise but this also starts with a good foundation of knowledge. I hear a lot of makeup artists say – you don’t need a qualification in makeup, because they themselves learn of YouTube. The amount I hear this – Oh my goodness! Firstly we must understand something, YouTube is not a learning platform – it is an entertainment platform where you get paid to post videos. Yes some bloggers are great at makeup tutorials – however you are not necessarily being taught the correct way of applying makeup professionally. You often find that a lot of bloggers watch other YouTube videos to learn, therefore the same mistakes/gimmicks and fads are being replicated. My advice would be if you want to become professional – do not cut corners and invest in proper training.

Online Makeup Courses

Online Courses are usually not accredited because to be accredited you need to be taught or reviewed on a one to one basis. Since the pandemic, this may change and a more efficient way to conduct accredited training will be put in place. At London Makeup Institute, we are working on our online courses to make this work and accessible for all.

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