London Makeup Institute is the first ever Make-up Artist academy to offer such an amazing complimentary package and personal service to our students. After investing in your makeup education, it can become quite daunting to enter such a competitive industry. LMI, help you elevate your career by creating a platform for you and by equipping you with all the essentials you require. Even after you have completed  your course with LMI, you can always contact us for support, advice and references.


Unlike other makeup artist schools, LMI will offer you assistance where required, whether that is a one to one refresher session, meeting with one of our tutors or you would like us to put in a good word for you for a job you are applying for. We do not leave you stranded. We also offer you other benefits for being part of the LMI family.


As a London Makeup Institute student, we make sure that you are on top of your game and your skills and product knowledge are on point! We have teamed up with the worlds top makeup brands to offer you free masterclasses where you can not only learn from the industry’s best but also gain the best in product knowledge. Our list of makeup brand affiliation is constantly growing and we make sure that we keep you in the know with the best product knowledge! You would’ve heard it here first!


Being a make-up artist can be a fulfilling and lucrative career. However, getting started in this field can be tough because many clients will want to see your work before they’re willing to hire you. Building a portfolio of your work is the first step to getting higher-paying jobs and becoming a successful makeup artist.

At  London Make-up Academy, in most our courses we provide you with a photo shoot to kick start your career. If a shoot is not included with your course, we can offer this to you at a reasonable price just covering our costs. As long as you have trained with us, this service is there for you to help elevate your career.

During the shoot day, you will learn how to work with professional models and photographers, learn to choreograph, work under pressure and organise a shoot, and also how to style. This is a very important part of the course as it will probably be the first time you get a real feel to how it feels to work as a make up artist and what is expected of you.


As a LMI student, we provide you kits in some of the courses we have on offer. As a Make-up Artists it is important that you use the right make-up to practice. We ensure that you use the right formulations. As a trainee we understand that buying your kit can be quite expensive so we you will receive a full make-up artist’s professional make-up kit! We believe that becoming a make-up artist can become very expensive, so we take a large portion of this expense away from you and set you up as a professional! You won’t need to buy anything else! Students also receive 15% off on all our professional make-up.


What is the point of being a professional if you can’t get any perks eh?! We get it, your a Makeup Artist now, and you need a full stocked up kit and with the current demands and trends of social media, you need to make sure you have all the best products for the job, BUT it can get expensive! Once you have completed your accredited course, you will be able to apply for a pro discount with all the top brands who offer pro cards.


As a former student of London Makeup institute, you get the opportunity of being part of our exclusive Makeup Artist agency, free of charge! The MUA Agency.

The Make-up Artist Agency was created by Uzma Yakoob, Founder of the Award Winning Sculpt Beauty & London Make-up Institute. Sculpt Beauty, LMI’s umbrella company,  was established in 1999 setting the standard of world class make-up artistry and offering skilled Make-up artistry services to a range of publications, elite clientele, broadcasters and production companies. LMI trains budding artists to a very high level of artistry, equipping students with knowledge, skills and techniques that is unrivalled by any other competing training establishment. This is where we create the creme de la creme of artists – from make-up, bridal & fashion henna, hair stylist and fashion stylists. The Make-up Artist Agency is a top London styling agency that leads the way for the industry’s most elite hair, makeup and nail artists & fashion stylists. We connect Hair and Makeup Artists to a wide range of clients, including large fashion shows, editorial photograph shoots, filming and brides.

At The Make-up Artist Agency, we have a collection of high calibre artists that provide quality services to catwalks in the top fashion houses, the red carpet celebrity movie premieres, and through to international editorial prints along with the more commercial route of store catalogues and brochures.

As a former LMI student, you will receive all future courses at a 10% discount. Your Welcome 🙂

London Makeup Institute is prestigious, high profile Makeup Artist Academy. Because of our unrivalled reputation, we have a lot of clout in this makeup industry and therefore can create opportunities for our students. As a Makeup Artist, work experience is really important as this teaches you how to work in a professional environment, ,what is required from you and how to work under pressure. We try our best to team up with events and brands to expose our artists to these opportunities. We constantly approach events and brands to help shape your career. We also are happy to give you a reference for future job applications.

We live in a world where social media has taken over! We will help you shape and push your social media so you can also have a platform to build your reputation on.