In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have postponed all national & International courses until further notice. We at London Makeup Institute, take safety of our students and colleagues very seriously, and though we are actively using the right hygiene and safe methods throughout our work & classroom environment, we feel it necessary to adhere to the governments plan to avoid social gatherings. Our online courses will continue without any interruptions.
In light of Covid-19, we will be making the following changes to ensure highest level of safety for all our students till further instruction from the government.
Being in the beauty industry, we take hygiene very seriously, so our hygiene standards are already quite high. However we will be making sure we focus more attention on this, with cleaning stations in all studios.
All students to be wearing face masks and aprons when working with each other and models.
All classroom courses will be scaled down to a maximum of 2 people per class.
All classes will be held in separate studios – we will be renting out separate studios to ensure that the students do not pass each other from other classes or use the same work areas or facilities as each other.
All Makeup Artists and students to use separate makeup kits in the duration of the course to avoid cross contamination. At the end of the day all tools and kit to be wiped down.