The LMI Bridal Expert online course has been carefully structured and designed to suit an individual who wants a career in Bridal makeup artistry.  This intensive 10 Week course will teach you how to recreate the most elaborate bridal make up and gorgeous Arabic bridal eye art, teaching you all the skills possibly required to understand how to create any bridal make-up look. You will start off with 5 weeks, understanding and learning different skills and techniques which will take you to an advanced level and then will learn cutting edge bridal styles and looks.

At LMI our aim is to build your creative skills, knowledge and techniques but we also work on your confidence and business acumen.  In order to be one of the best Make-up Artists, you need to be trained to create perfection. At LMI our teaching concept is so unique, and our methods of training will ensure that you understand and pickup each technique quickly and thoroughly. This course will build your confidence and teach you how to create bridal make-up styles suited to your clients needs, whether it is a more classic look to an elaborate traditional look.

You will have access to LIVE courses and also a specified time and day that will be dedicated to your online classroom. If you have any questions, need help, your tutor will be at the other end of a PC, waiting to interact with you realtime. If you are located in another country, or you can not get to us at that time, then no worries, you can still contact us via mail and we will make sure we get back to you within 24 hours.

We understand that regardless of all the hype, learning online can sometimes be challenging, we are offering students on this course the added benefit of booking Skype sessions with the tutor, so they can either go over anything/looks/technique you do not understand, or because you just would like us to watch you create your skill!

This course comprises of L2 and an intense week of bridal training.

Course Duration: 10 Weeks                                   Catch up Time: 4 Weeks

Start Date: TBC                                                          First LIVE Session: TBC

Session End Date: TBC                                            Skype Sessions: 1 (2 hour slots)

Classes per Week : 1 Presentations Weekly (Tuesday/Wednesday) 6pm – 9pm + Tutor Session (Thursday) 2pm – 5pm

Assessments: 7 Assessments, comprising in a look created by you which will be taught in the sessions. You will have 2 weeks to complete each look. You will need to take a picture of your submission and also a video of the complete look. Should you miss a LIVE session, we will send you the recording so you can catch up or do the course in your own time. You will have 2 weeks to catch up before the recording is removed. Should you need extra time, you can always contact us and we could arrange this for you.

Certificate: 2 Certificates

Accreditation: Optional – BABTAC : You will be required to come into the studio for assessments. The number of days can be discussed with your tutors. £299 Extra.

Aftercare Package: You will have access to join us for our brand presentations, join our online agency and have access to discounts for photoshoots and makeup kits.

Week 1: Course Introduction.

Week 2: LIVE Session (Skincare / Prep & Prime)

Week 3: LIVE Session (Editorial Look – perfecting base & Understanding Contouring)

Week 4: LIVE Session (Smokey Eyes – Natural/Dramatic. Eyebrow, Eyelashes)

Week 5 : LIVE Session (Fashion Brights – Learning the discipline of blending, eyeliner shapes)

Week 6 : LIVE Session (Arabian Nights – Cutting the crease, micro blending, dramatic eye makeup)


Week 7 : Classroom Session (Introduction, Trial/Consultation & Assessments)

Week 8 : LIVE Session (Classic Bridal Look)

Week 9 : LIVE Session (Traditional Bollywood Bride)

Week 10 : LIVE Session (Reception Bridal Look)

Please note that we do not list full description of the syllabus to ensure copyright infringement. Should you require more information on our course contact please do not hesitate to contact us.


Paid in Total: £1000 (£200 discount) 
Paid in Instalments: £1200.  £500 deposit, £116 per month thereafter (6 months)
Monthly Instalments will be taken on the 1st of each month. Should a payment be late, you will occur a £35 late charge and you will not be able to resume the course until payment is up to date. You will not receive your certificates until all assessments are submitted and payments are complete. Should you miss a session or aren't able to catch up in the given extended time, please let us know beforehand. Failure to do so will be marked towards your overall grade.